Fees (Listed fees are residential fees ONLY please contact for commercial fees)

Mold Assessments Starts at $495.00 (which include travel, visual assessment, (2) air samples, (1) swab sample, and mold assessment report)

Additional Air or Swab Samples $60.00 each (Additional samples must be taken during visual assessment)

Mold Protocols Starts at $300.00 (Descriptive work plan per TDLR rules)

Mold Clearances Starts at $465.00 (if a clearance is required or necessary)

(which include travel, visual clearance, (2) air samples, and clearance letter.)         

Additional Swab Samples $60.00 each (If need to document clearance)

Payment is due at time of service we accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

(There is a 3.75% convenience fee charge with all credit cards)


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American Council for Accredited Certification

Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist

Certificate Number 00971 exp 08/31/2020

Mold Assessment Consultant

Lic# MAC0282  exp 03/16/2020